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How Can A Holy God Save Sinners?

holy-GodIf a judge were to simply let a convicted criminal go free and erase all record of his crime, we wouldn’t consider that judge to be a good judge, we would rightly consider him to be more corrupt and evil than the criminal.

So how can Christians say that their God is holy and sinless but forgives sinners?

How does that work?


Making Sense Of Waldo Canyon

a mountain west of Colorado Springs burns as a result of the Waldo Canyon fireNow that we here in the Colorado Springs region are ready to begin picking up the pieces in the aftermath of the Waldo Canyon fire, it seemed appropriate to address the many questions that people will have. Already I’ve heard the question, “Why did this happen?”

In coordination with Pastor Jason Parker, of High Country Baptist Church, we’re creating a website that provides biblical information and resources in order to help people make sense of the devastation. It’s called Waldo Canyon Fire Answers.

Your feedback is appreciated.


Evangelism Seminar in Colorado Springs

Beginning April 1st, I’ll be teaching a 13-week long seminar on evangelism at High Country Baptist Church in Colorado Springs. My point in mentioning this is not to make anything of the fact that I’m teaching, but to lead into a series of blog posts here that will summarize each week’s seminar classes.

Anyone who would like to attend is more than welcome to come. I don’t claim to be an expert or have all the answers, but my hope is that everyone in the classes (including me) will learn and be challenged to have a heart more for evangelism.

Our seminar will include 12 classes over the next 13 weeks and we’ll be studying topics such as:

  • Why evangelism? Why should YOU be involved?
  • What is evangelism?
  • What is not evangelism?
  • What is the proper message?
  • What obstacles are there to evangelism in general and for you, personally?
  • How to overcome the obstacles?
  • How do you get started?

To help us in the How To part, we’ll be studying through the Two Ways To Live booklet, as well as looking at the Christianity Explored program.

As John MacArthur says, evangelism is the one reason the redeemed are still on earth, and Spurgeon comments that it is the “chief business of the Christian: indeed it should be the main pursuit of every believer.”

So, we want to dig deep in this series to find out how we should be thinking about this urgent issue. There will be some real and serious challenges made in this series which may stretch, pull, or push us out of our comfort zones (as long as we’re not resistant!).

The purpose of this series will be to 1) give us a biblical way to think about evangelism so we can see what God’s thoughts are about the subject; 2) impress upon all of us the crucial nature of our involvement in evangelism, meaning that we ought to actually be doing it, not just supporting missionaries with our offering money; 3) to convince you that evangelism is not as scary as it seems; and, 4) to give you some tools to actually do it. If you feel like you have some sort of launching point or foundation, it will probably not seem so scary (we hope).

Some of you may object to using someone else’s method for evangelism, and I generally object to canned approaches, too, however, let’s try to remember that a canned approach is better than a clammed approach!

As we begin, let’s take a little quiz on evangelism. All the questions will be True or False. Read More…