How NOT to preach to Muslims…

…or Mormons, or JW’s, or anyone else for that matter. Having said that, I do very much appreciate the knowledge demonstrated of the Koran by Mr. Nabeel Qureshi, and his ability to enter into the mind of the Muslim. Nevertheless, I think their approach is self-serving and gospel-defeating.

You can see all 5 videos over at Defending Contending.



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3 responses to “How NOT to preach to Muslims…”

  1. Bill says :


    I don’t think you would have had the same reaction if the Muslims had behaved properly. As it turns out, it was good that they had the video camera to document the illegal behavior. I don’t see where they provoked the Muslims to behave illegally.

    There have been times when people that I’ve been witnessing to have behaved badly, and someone calls the cops. That makes me look bad as well. I have no desire for the cops to get involved. However, I can’t allow hecklers to veto my opportunity to proclaim the gospel.


  2. thirstyman says :

    Hi, Bill. You have raised a good point. My reaction to the behavior of the Christians in this video begins when they were in the tent addressing the short black man. He asked them to turn off the camera at the start. Yet, it seems obvious that they were there, not so much to see Muslims born again, but to press their point. The reason I say that seems obvious is because of their refusal to turn the camera off, and then to begin pointing out the inconsistencies of their teachings right there in front of their booth. It was at that time that the Muslim man agreed to try to answer the questions on camera. He essentially was trying to save face.

    My thoughts on this were just that the whole interaction didn’t seem very meek or humble, which is what we’re called to be. I still don’t think this is the appropriate way of reaching a group of lost people, be they Muslim, Catholic, Mormon, etc. The behavior does not commend the gospel.

    Thanks for your input.


  3. Michael David says :

    I think what we have here are two different things, you have a person that is *supposed* to be advancing the Gospel, and a person trying to show that (some) Muslims are not willing to be questioned concerning their faith and are in general, aggressive. He failed in the first regard, and succeeded in the second. Tracy is exactly right, this is *not* how to advance the Gospel.

    If their goal had been to show that (some) Muslims are aggressive, squelch open debate, have a cavalier disregard for the law, particularly the freedom of speech, then they would have done well. However, that isn’t supposed to be their primary goal.

    I don’t think anyone would disagree that if Muslims came up to an evangelical Christian tent with a camera asking questions the result would have been decidedly different from this one. I know for a fact that it is *very* tricky evangelizing Muslims, because the Quran itself supports violence against “infidels”. However, that does not give Christians the right to be antagonistic when sharing the Gospel, or when “asking questions”.

    Clearly, the people should have turned off the camera when first asked and left when first asked. It doesn’t matter if their First Amendment rights were abused, because this effort wasn’t about that, it was about advancing the Gospel and in this regard they failed, and in point-of-fact have now burned bridges for others to cross later when pursuing the Great Commission.

    Aside from all that, it is frankly frightening. It is no secret that in areas around the world where Muslims enjoy the majority, freedom either suffers greatly, or is non-existent. That, however, isn’t the issue, the issue is advancing the Kingdom of God, and as Tracy succinctly communicated, they clearly failed.

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