Happy Earth Day

Did you all get out to your local Earth Day celebrations and hug some trees?

Here’s a video which, I think, is part of a Discovery Channel documentary that may surprise you depending on how “in-touch” you are with the earth-worship movement. It certainly took me by surprise to see the level devotion in these people.

These people are good examples of what happens when someone abandons the worship of the One True God in exchange for worship of the creature. As Romans 1 puts it, they “worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed forever. Amen.”

BUT, before we affix labels to these people (such as “dirt-worshippers,” “wackos,” etc.), let’s remember that they are a local mission opportunity. These are eternal souls, and if we alienate them by disdainful rhetoric, we will lose possible open doors with them. Can you imagine a missionary in India publicly referring to the Hindus among whom he works as “wackos?” What kind of reception would he receive with them? When we speak of people like this we reveal that we are far more influenced in our worldview by Rush, Sean, and Glenn than by Christ.

An interesting side-note is that there IS a responsible stewardship of our planet, and man has made havoc with the natural balance that should be there. These people recognize that fact, but have obviously taken it to an unnatural worship of the very things they want to protect.


The Colorado Springs Photographer


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