Million Dollar Evangelism

The Million Dollar Bill tract from Living Waters

The Million Dollar Bill tract from Living Waters

Last Saturday, I joined Steve and Robert downtown to evangelize at the St. Patrick’s Day Parade and events. I had a session to photograph, so I was only able to stay for a little while in the morning.

Steve had a few packs of Million Dollar Bill tracts from Living Waters. I’ve always had my doubts about tracts like this: the kind of “bait-and-switch” tactic doesn’t seem to be very up-front, but today I found a good way to distribute them at the request of the receiver!

As I went out this morning, I grabbed several of them and put them in my shirt pocket. The top inch or so of the bill was sticking out and it looked just like a stack of real money. Of course, the guy at the tire counter at Costco asked about the money in my pocket. It was funny because I didn’t even remember I had it. So, here’s this guy asking about the gospel tract in my pocket! Ha! So, I gave him one.

My eye doctor asked about them too!

Then, at the bank’s drive-up window, after I deposited a check, I stuck another one in the tube and left it there for the next person. Imagine what someone will think when he drives up and sees a bill in the tube. Will he wonder, before he sees what it is, “Should I keep it?”

Then, when he gets it out, he’s presented with the following message on the back of the bill:

“The Million-dollar question: Will you go to Heaven? Here’s a quick test. Have you ever told a lie, stolen anything, or used God’s name in vain?” Then it goes on with the standard line of questions and reasoning that Ray Comfort uses on all his tracts and in all his evangelizing.

Usually, I don’t like to use sneak tactics to witness to people, but this got me thinking about the possibilities of being able to give people something when there’s not a lot of time to stop and talk to them, and do it at their request!


post script: Check out Sin Leads To Illegal Use of Million Dollar Tracts – kind of funny!


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4 responses to “Million Dollar Evangelism”

  1. Bill says :


    It’s good to happen across your blog. I was checking through the posts tagged with evangelism and found it.

    I live near the Springs, and was considering going up to the St. Patrick’s Day parade with you guys, but I ended up having to do some work.

    Maybe we’ll get to meet some day, and go out witnessing together.

    Thanks for your obedience to the great commission.


  2. thirstyman says :

    Thanks for the encouragement, Bill. I am trying to arrange time to go to the high schools as they let out for the day and pass out gospels of John, tracts, and evangelize.

  3. Steve says :

    Hey Tracy..there is another good tract if you would like to give out real money. We use it when giving tips or just when someone is doing a good job.
    ” A Gift for You Tract”
    Description… This tract is printed on a light-weight card and is the size and shape of a checkbook folder. It has two slots for you to put in money — any size bill you wish. We strongly suggest that you use brand new bills, which you can obtain through your bank (there‚Äôs something clean and fresh about new bills). You can hand out these tracts anywhere, or drop one in the envelope when you pay your bills. Why not aim at giving out $365 each year — one tract containing one dollar each day?

    Living Waters (Canada site).. US site was down.

    Rom 1:16 The gospel…. is the power of God for salvation!

    God bless Steve

  4. Jeff Jenkins says :

    Having a stack of them sticking out of your shirt pocket…what a great idea!

    The giant-sized dollar bills also go over great with kids, for example at carnivals, fairs, etc.

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