The Incomparable Sweetness of God’s Love

“Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.”
John 15:13

The following are comments from men in the past about this great love of Christ. I thought at first about just simply including these comments from these men, but thought about the vast multitude of comments from others over the last 2000 years about this subject. Truly, if one were to compile a collection of the musings of man about the love of Christ and God the Father, there would not be disk space enough to contain it.

Beyond the vastness of our attempts to vocalize our appreciation of God’s love to us stands the very sobering reality of the question, “What will YOU do about this great love?” Will you read these few comments and not soften your heart? Will you listen to voices from the 16th, 17th, and 19th centuries and just think that their devotion is just an antiquated religious fervor and it has no bearing on you?

Do you not wonder why it is that only the God of the Christian bible is depicted as being loving and merciful to mankind? And what defines this love? What is it that puts this love into its proper context? It is only our complete wickedness that makes the love of God so amazing, for only in the Christian bible do you find a God who loved His enemies, and loved them to the degree that he suffered cruelly at their hands so as to make peace with them to Himself. Only in the Christian bible do you find a God who willingly took upon Himself the very sins of those whom He loved. Every major religion recognizes the transgression and unrighteousness of man, but all of the false religions, whether Hinduism, Buddhism, Catholicism, Mormonism, Islam, etc. all demand that man be the one to initiate and secure his right standing before a holy God. Christianity shows us our failures and our sins and our utter merit of only the wrath of a holy God, but then contrasts that by revealing to us a God who gives the absolute utmost to make us right with him. Oh, volumes could, indeed, be written about this glorious love.

“Those hearts must be harder than iron or stone which are not softened by such incomparable sweetness of divine love.”  –  John Calvin

“And this is the love wherewith Christ loved us, he is our bail for us, body for body, life for life, though he knew our insolvency, and foresaw how much the engagement would cost him.”  –  Matthew Henry

“He lives to carry on the work for which he once laid down his life.”  –  Charles Spurgeon

Thanks for reading, and may this eternal and magnificent love compel you to love this One of whom these men spoke.

The Colorado Springs Photographer


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