Practical Atheism

Western civilization is becoming, to no one’s surprise, an increasingly more God-hating, and God-ignoring culture. The prevalent thought processes are worldly and that mindset has consumed everything from entertainment to politics. As Leonard Ravenhill has rightly said, “It’s anti-christ from the word ‘Go.'”

But, what is worldliness? That’s a question that has been debated for the last two millenia. On Sunday, Michael Carlyle, currently under deputation as a missionary to Cambodia, spoke at High Country Baptist Church and delivered what I believe is a great expression of what constitutes worldliness. He defined it as “practical atheism,” and took his message from Ephesians 4:17 – 19. You can listen to the entire message, entitled, Dangers of Practical Atheism. This message was very helpful to me as one who has struggled with the definition of the concept of worldliness and how to practically walk as a Christian in the midst of the culture.

As we saw yesterday, with the review of the book, The Shack, many people are trying to not only come up with their own definitions of what the world is, but are, in the process, redefining what God is.

I hope Michael’s message is helpful to you.



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