Sean Penn and the gospel

Back from my days of being outside of God’s grace, I remember an actor named Sean Penn. It’s probably due to my being so ignorant of contemporary entertainment culture, but I honestly thought he had dropped into obscurity, so it was a surprise to have found, in this video, that he had recently won an Academy Award!

In addition to providing some interesting analysis of Penn’s comments at the awards, James White, of Alpha Omega Ministries, uses the opportunity to proclaim the saving message of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We must remember that the issue is not homosexuality. The battle cannot be waged against homosexuals or the political or cultural clout they currently hold. The battle is waged in the heavenlies against the spiritual strongholds of darkness. This means, practically, that it will do us no good to direct our battle against the particular sins, trying to reclaim the culture, rather the battle needs to be involved in preaching the gospel to lost people in order that God, in his mercy, may convert some of them. That is the essence of what we are called to do, not try to bring about change in the political sphere.



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