Children’s Church??

This is a brief excerpt from an article recently posted by Jason, the pastor of High Country Baptist Church in Colorado Springs.

In it, he adeptly outlines his reasons for establishing a congregation that not only allows, but heartily encourages families to remain together during the church meeting. Our family has always done this and it remains a special event for us to have our children with us during these meetings.

If you’re interested in reading the entire article, you can get it on Jason’s blog, Relentlessly Biblical.

“Actually, we believe that every child who is brought to worship God with his family is getting something out of the church service, even at an age when he is apparently unable to follow what is going on. This is so because of the incredible ability that God has put in human beings to learn. For example, would it make any sense to say that adults should never speak English to their newborn babies or converse in English around their babies because babies don’t understand it? After all, language is incredibly complex, and even experts can’t explain it all. Yet we would contend that that is absurd, because we all know that the way babies come to learn English is by interacting with those who speak English. Similarly, the way that children learn about engaging with God is by being with those who are truly engaging with God.”

Thanks for reading.



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