The burden of doing instead of being

It’s sure a lot easier to do the things that make you look like a Christian, than it is to actually BE a Christian.

The speaker in this video, Paul Washer, is addressing a group of young people at a Baptist Youth Convention, and challenges them to stop calling themselves Christians because of the superficial things that they do or believe, and to really BE Christians. BE like Christ and not be like the world.

This video is long. It’s one hour, however, if you have an ear to hear what the Spirit is saying, I think you will be too compelled as you watch this to be able to just push the pause button and walk away. If, on the other hand, you are more interested in just talking about being a Christian so you can enjoy the supposed benefits, i.e. eternal life, etc., AND enjoy the pleasures of this world at the same time, you will quickly lose interest in this message.

Please do yourself a favor though. Watch the first 12 minutes of it.

If just doing the things that make you look like a Christian is easier than actually being a Christian, why would I say that it is a burden? Because you will ultimately realize the emptiness of your profession. Your witnessing will be ineffective. You will find yourself wondering what is missing in your life. I’m not talking about the kind of humanistic self-fulfillment that Joel Osteen and Rick Warren preach about, rather, the complete joy and satisfaction with and in Jesus Christ alone, apart from any temporal benefit that may be in your life.

It is only as we lay down our lives and take up our cross that we will fully realize the glory and joy unspeakable that the Bible says belongs to us.

Thanks for reading and watching.



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