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evil_tv_smallIf all other variables are equal, your capacity to know God deeply will probably diminish in direct proportion to how much television you watch. There are several reasons for this. One is that television reflects American culture at its most trivial. And a steady diet of triviality shrinks the soul. You get used to it. It starts to seem normal. Silly becomes funny. And funny becomes pleasing. And pleasing becomes soul-satisfaction. And in the end the soul that is made for God has shrunk to fit snugly around triteness…..TV is mostly trivial. It seldom inspires great thoughts or great feelings with glimpses of great Truth. God is the great, absolute, all-shaping Reality. If He gets any air time, He is treated as an opinion. There is no reverence. No trembling. God and all that He thinks about the world is missing. Cut loose from God, everything goes down…..So there are good reasons to try a TV fast. Or to simply wean yourself off of it entirely. We have not owned a TV for thirty-four years of marriage except for three years in Germany when we used it for language learning. There is no inherent virtue in this. I only mention it to prove that you can raise five culturally sensitive and Biblically informed children without it.

John Piper, Pierced by the Word

(emphases added)

We would say the same about movies, video games, and other amusements. It is telling that the word amuse means “without thought. Even those who are captivated by success in worldly business ventures understand the detrimental effects TV can have on your effectiveness. Many of the greatest business coaches like Brian Tracy and others counsel their students to not waste their time in front of the TV. If TV is acknowledged to be such a drain on worldly success, shouldn’t we avoid it in order to improve our spiritual lives? Must we be put to shame by those who diligently discipline their lives in order to attain success in this world while the state of our souls languishes in front of The American Idol?

The Colorado Springs Photographer


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