Superficial Sunday-mornings

The Hospitality Commands

The Hospitality Commands

The church our family attends recently studied a book which they have made available to those of us who missed out on the study. The book is entitled, The Hospitality Commands, and I have been reading through it the last few days. As is the case with much of what the Lord is putting across my path to read lately, this book definitely challenges some long-held notions of my own privacy I have not wanted to let go.

Following is a brief excerpt.

“A cold, unfriendly church contradicts the gospel message. Yet unfriendliness stands out as one of the most common criticisms people have of local churches. It doesn’t take people long to figure out that there is a ‘churchy’ love among Christians that ends at the back door of the sanctuary or in the parking lot. It is a superficial, Sunday-morning kind of love that is unwilling to venture beyond the walls of the church building.

Brotherly love, however, entails intimate relationship, care for one another, knowledge of one another, belonging together,  and sharing life together. We cannot grow close to our brothers and sisters by meeting for an hour and fifteen minutes a week with a large group in a church sanctuary. The home is the ideal place in which to build relationships and closeness.”

Thanks for reading.



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One response to “Superficial Sunday-mornings”

  1. Jerilyn Winstead says :

    I appreciate this post. My family has been in a community home church for several years now, and we’ve never experienced anything like this before–I totally get the New Testament more now that I’m living and worshipping similar to how they did back then. Our homes are all together, mostly on one block, which allows us to spend lots of time together during the week, etc. I never want to go back!!

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