Passionate Desire

“Desire is not merely a simple wish; it is a deep seated craving; an intense longing for attainment. In the realm of spiritual affairs, it is an important adjunct to prayer.  So important is it, that one might say, almost, that desire is an absolute essential of prayer.

“Without desire, prayer is a meaningless mumble of words. Such perfunctory, formal praying, with no heart, no feeling, no real desire accompanying it, is to be shunned like a pestilence. Its exercise is a waste of precious time, and fromt it, no real blessing accrues.”

From “The Complete Works of E. M. Bounds On Prayer”

This is a video which I found that has Paul Washer explaining his early seeking after God. I believe that the spirit that he showed is one of intense desire and hunger for God, therefore I thought it would compliment the quote from Bounds quite well.

I must say, however, that I wish that the accompanying music was not a part of this audio clip. Please try to overlook the worldly music associated with this, and instead, let the preacher’s message grip your soul.

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