Family Prayer

“We cannot suppose our mountain to stand so strong but that it will be moved; trouble in the flesh we must expect, and  affliction in that from which we promise ourselves most comfort; and when the Divine Providence makes our houses houses of mourning, then it will be comfortable to have them houses of prayer, and to have had them so before. When sickness, and sorrow, and death come into our families, (and sooner or later they
will come) it is good that they should find the wheels of prayer going, and the family accustomed to seek God;  for if we are then to begin this good work when distress forces us to it, we shall drive heavily in it. They who pray constantly when they are well, may pray comfortably when they are sick.”

Matthew Henry, from, A Church In The House, 1704

Family Devotions, Part 1

Family Devotions, Part 2

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