Preach the gospel

The thought of standing on a street corner or going to a community festival with the intention of preaching the gospel can be more than a little daunting. My wife, Beth read a few months ago about a man who simply takes a stack of tracts and stands on a busy corner. As people go past, he says, “Friend, may I give you one of these?”

That’s it!

Can you do that? The testimony of the man was that this oftentimes opened up conversations with people that led to the gospel. You see… he didn’t have to prepare a sermon to preach. He didn’t have to figure out how to break the ice and open a “spiritual” conversation. He just asks people if they would like to have a tract. If they said, “No,” he tried the next person.

No big deal. That’s something you and I can do.

The Colorado Springs Photographer


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